GNC Thermo Burst Hardcore Canada

Thermo Burst Hardcore Review

GNC Pro Performance Thermo Burst Hardcore suggest that their product can burn twelve times the normal amount of calories after workouts and turn fatty acids into energy. An additional 278 calories are claimed to be burned after every workout, and both your endurance and performance during your exercise sessions are said to be enhanced.

GNC Pro Performance Thermo Burst Hardcore has a proprietary mixture of extracts, caffeine and vitamins in it designed for fat burning. It is also claimed to encourage a healthy heart, but the heart-friendly ingredients and antioxidants it contains only exist in ineffective, small quantities. The product comes with a thirty day supply of ninety tablets for $17.99.

How GNC Pro Performance Thermo Burst Hardcore Works

GNC Pro Performance Thermo Burst Hardcore contains ingredients that might help you shed calories quickly. These ingredients include caffeine, which has been shown to boost metabolism and affect the central nervous system. This can happen prior to your workouts, as well as during and after them. The boost of energy you get is meant to make every workout more intense.

The other ingredients of GNC Pro Performance Thermo Burst Hardcore include: niacin, vitamin C,  pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, grape seed extract, yerba mate, ginger root, caffeine, guarana, L-carnitine and black pepper extract. Most of these substances have not been proven to assist weight loss. The guarana and yerba mate are included without damiana, so they probably will not produce any fat loss effects.

GNC Pro Performance Thermo Burst Hardcore Side-Effects

Numerous stimulating ingredients are incorporated into GNC Pro Performance Thermo Burst Hardcore. These ingredients can produce several side-effects encompassing, although not restricted to,  nervousness, headaches, anxiety, dizziness, insomnia, irritability, increased blood pressure and increased heart rate.


  • The GNC website is clear and simple to navigate, so ordering is straightforward. The product is also purchasable offline in GNC shops.
  • The tablets are gluten, wheat, soy, dairy and yeast free, so they probably will not cause any allergic reactions.


  • A big dosage of caffeine is included, that can result in side-effects, like acid reflux and the jitters.
  • No independent clinical trials have been carried out to support GNC’s claims.
  • L-carnitine, the primary active ingredient, is not a proven weight loss ingredient.
  • Many of the product’s ingredients are not linked to weight loss.
  • Customer reviews warn against consuming alcohol whilst taking this supplement.


Without the existence of clinical data, it is difficult to judge GNC Pro Performance Thermo Burst Hardcore. The test referred to on the product’s website was carried out by the manufacturer’s with a limited number of subjects. The data from the GNC test is not disclosed. The product’s ingredients have never been individually tested by a third-party organisation. Large dosages of caffeine are often harmful for people suffering from particular conditions.

Some users of this product have reported a good boost in their energy levels to fuel their workouts. But long term, a sensible diet combined with a moderate exercise plan might be just as effective.

Where To Buy Thermo Burn Hardcore In Canada

GNC is the most obvious either in store or via their online web shop.

Recommended Alternative

Consuming too many calories without burning them off efficiently creates fat.

Phen375 helps you by controlling and regulating your appetite allowing you to make sensible dietary choices.

While using Phen375 you will eat fewer calories and lose weight quickly, safely and with greater ease.

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GNC Physio Burn Canada

Physio Burn Review

GNC GenetixHD Physio-Burn is presented as a new innovation that will help you get the ripped physique you always desired.

It is designed to work on the signals from fat cells which influence your  energy balance, satiety and metabolic rate and stimulate the metabolism of fatty acid. It does this using Trisynex and CLA, which are scientifically proven ingredients that promote a healthy body.

Physio-Burn is said to meet your body’s requirements by using particular metabolic pathways to bolster metabolism and work towards obtaining a sculpted, lean and fit physique. This supplement also does not contain stimulants, so it is mostly safe for use.

How Does GNC GenetixHD Physio-Burn Work?

GenetixHD Physio Burn is comprised of multiple components which work together to help you obtain the toned and tight body you always dreamed of. Firstly, there is Trisynex, an endo-modulating compound mixture consisting of fatty acid and modified cellulose. This is proven to be effective at enhancing body composition, as well as affecting primary markers such as adiponectin & leptin (both hormones that fat cells release), to influence energy levels and fat metabolism.

Secondly, there is CLA, a clinically proven component which operates by bolstering lean muscle mass metabolism and improving the overall composition of the body. Finally, there is the stimulant free extract of green tea which provides the body with a healthy boost to its’ metabolism without giving you the jitters. These 3 components are meant to work well together, but you could quicken results by adhering to the prescribed exercise and diet regime especially designed for GNC GenetixHD Physio-Burn.

Dosage and Precautions

  • Physio-Burn is to be consumed once each day, one pack at-a-time. For optimum results, 2 packs should be consumed daily, along with your 2 biggest meals.
  • This product should only be used by adults.
  • Should you be nursing or pregnant, do not consume this weight loss supplement.
  • Should you be on a course of prescribed medication, ask your doctor before taking this product to circumvent any nasty complications.

Customer Feedback

Online feedback about Physio-Burn from customers varies. Some say that, although the supplement was easy to use and provided an energy boost, it was more effective for maintaining weight rather than for weight loss. One reviewer states that, while the supplement helped him to shed 4 pounds, his face also broke out in a severe case of acne, which cleared up once he stopped taking the product.


GenetixHD Physio-Burn has obviously worked for some people, although the results appear quite inconsistent. It does contain CLA, which is a proven component, but it may be more effective just to use this on its’ own, because it is not clear exactly how well the rest of the pills work.

Different bodies can react differently to the same product, and the side-effects some people have reported reflect this. As a diuretic, this supplement might significantly lower your blood pressure, so it is probably best suited for short-term use only.

Where To Buy Physio Burn In Canada

Either in store or via the GNC website.

Recommended Alternative

Phen375 іs а powerful fat burner аnd appetite suppressant.

It іs based on Phentermine – possibly thе strongest prescription diet pill еvеr tо hаvе existed. Phen375 is available to buy without prescription.

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Abs+ Fat Burner

Abs+ Review

Abs+ is produced by Genuine Health Products and sold over the counter in many leading drug stores and pharmacies.

There are just two ingredients in formula

  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
  • Green Tea Extract

Both ingredients have some evidence of weight loss and have been extensively studied.

Researchers believe the combination of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and green tea extract in abs+ safely enhances the body’s natural metabolic rate

CLA works to reduce body fat by enhancing insulin sensitivity so that fatty acids and glucose can pass through muscle cell membranes and away from fat tissues.

Green Tea has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries and can have some fat burning effecting by raising the body’s metabolism.

Green Tea is perhaps best used as an antioxidant rather than a weight loss product.

Abs+ Positives

  • Uses two natural ingredients
  • Has anti oxidizing properties

Abs+ Negatives

  • Weak formula if weight loss is your main driver
  • Not enough CLA included per capsule

Abs+ Side Effects

Should not pose a major threat to health although could cause insomnia and the jitters. Pregnant or nursing mothers should avoid.

Does Abs+ Work, Is It Recommended

Does not have a real pedigree, user comments and feedback is not overly positive – very  hard to recommend

Where To Buy Abs+ In Canada

Can be purchased over the counter from most local pharmacies including Shoppers Drugs Mart, WalMart, Zellers, Pharmaprix and Jean Coutu Pharmacie.

Can also be purchased from Canada’s leading online pharmacy for approximately $33.00

Alternative Fat Burners

Phen375 – a pharmaceutical grade fat burner that does not require a prescription.

Phen375 can burn excess body fat, suppress appetite and reduce calorie consumption

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Jamieson Slim Down CLA 95

Slim Down CLA 95 Review

Jamieson is a familiar name in Canada, they produce several diet pills and weight management products targeting different areas of weight loss.

Slim Down CLA 95 is one of the most commonly sold of their portfolio and available to buy over the counter without a prescription from most pharmacies (Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaw Pharmacy, Pharmasave, Pharma Plus, Rexall etc…)

Slim Down CLA 95 aimed primarily at dieters or athletes in training that want to lose body fat. It is manufactured from natural ingredients.


The products main active ingredients is CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) 950 mg (active isomers c9, t11 and t10, c12) derived from processed GMO free safflower oil.

CLA is derived from safflower oil. The body can produce cannot produce enough CLA of its own accord and so it is necessary to take a supplement to reach the optimum level.

How Does It Work

It is thought that CLA has a dual action process. Firstly CLA increases lean muscle that naturally slims your body. Secondly, this newly created muscle tissue  burns far more calories than fat tissue.

CLA retards the body manufacturing fat cell and increases the metabolic rate.

Potential Side Effects And Precautions

There are some concerns that the use of CLA supplements by person obese or morbidly over weight could aggravate insulin resistance, which may increase their risk of developing diabetes.

As a precaution anyone with a pre existing health condition should avoid or take advice from their doctor.

Does Slim Down CLA 95 Work – Is It Recommended

There have been many clinical studies validating the positive use of CLA, however its association with ability to aggravate insulin resistance and potentially lead to diabetes is a worry.

For this reason it may wise to over look in favour of an alternative product.

Recommended Fat Burners

Phen375 is arguably the most effective fat burner currently available in North America. Built on the concept of Phentermine, Phen375 is made from synthetic and natural ingredients and does not contain any drug classed substance.

Phen375 is manufactured in FDA registered facilities and acts as fat burner and appetite suppressant.

More about Phen375

Quest Body Perfect Cha De Bugre

Quest Body Perfect Review

Quest Body Perfect is a non prescription diet pill that is targeted towards not only weight loss but as a source of energy and alertness.

There are several common ingredients within the formula such as Green Tea, 5-HTP and American Ginseng, but perhaps the most interesting ingredient is Cha de Bugre.

What Is Cha De Bugre

A small tree like plant that commonly grows in Brazil it is found mostly in the states of Goias, Acre, Minas Gerais, and Bahia, and is more commonly called café do mato (coffee of the woods) to the Brazilian population.

Cha de Bugre is thought to be an appetite suppressant that can dull the appetite and reduce the need to snack during the day.

Reducing appetite is quite possibly the most effective method for long term and sustainable weight loss.

Body Perfect Positives

  • Some effective weight loss ingredients

Body Perfect Negatives

  • Diluted by the inclusion of filler ingredients

Quest Body Perfect Side Effects

Nothing major although there have been cases of acidity, constipation, and flatulence in some individuals.

Where To Buy Quest Body Perfect

Can be purchased from many leading pharmacies and healthstore outlets across North America and Canada.

Can also be purchased online from

Is Quest Body Perfect Recommended Does It Work

A very weak formula in the appetite suppressant genre that cannot compete with the premier Hoodia based products.

Other Diet Pills To Consider

Phen375 – a diet product that combines both a fat burning agent with an appetite suppressant.

Phen375 has had been responsible for numerous weight loss success stories. It has been formulated in an FDA regulated laboratory and is currently available to buy direct with a prescription.

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