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Suppress Appetite And Calorie Reduction

Reduce Calorie Consumption By Suppressing Appetite

One of the most effective and most obvious methods of weight loss is via appetite suppression.

Suppressing appetite is ideal for long term and permanent weight loss.

The typical daily calorie consumption for a male is around 2200 with females averaging approximately 1800.

If you can keep your daily calorie consumption within this range your bathroom scales should not make for unpleasant viewing.

These figures are just an approximation as body mass, physique and other physical and mental attributes have to be build into the equation.

1800 to 2000 calories per day may seem a lot but consider the fact that a small snack such as one candy bar can be as much as 300 calories. Eat two small candy bars per day and that is one third of your daily calorie allowance taken up in just a few mouthfuls.

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Calorie counting is a method that has been used over the last few decades, it can be highly effective but also can be confusing with certain food types assigned different points – keeping track can sometimes cause errors in calculation and some calorie counters unwittingly consume more calories per day than they think.

Calorie counting also relies heavily on will power – something that most of us who struggle with our weight most likely do not possess in any great abundance.

This is where appetite suppression is highly recommended and often prescribed in the form of a pill by doctors around the globe.

Prescription Appetite Suppressant Diet Pills

There are several well known pharmaceutical products available that a doctor could prescribe to you if you are considered extremely over weight or even morbidly obese.

Phentermine, Reductil and Acomplia among the best known and widely used.

Prescription appetite suppressants are usually chemical based and classed as drugs and sometimes create more problems than they solve with several well documented side effects and adverse reactions resulting.

For this reason a doctor will only prescribe as a last resort.

Natural Appetite Suppressants

Perhaps the commonly sought appetite suppressing diet pill is one that contains natural ingredients. Natural appetite suppressants are freely available to buy over the counter or via the internet as they contain ingredients that are usually derived from plant extracts.

Natural appetite are highly unlikely to cause a side effect and also in most causes non habit forming.

The most popular natural appetite suppressant in current use is Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia Gordonii is included as either a main ingredient or a sole ingredient and is considered to be the most effective substance for suppressing appetite.

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