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zantrex 3 canada websiteIf you were to take after what it said on the official website, Zantrex3 is the most wonderful weight loss pill that has ever been invented. However, the exaggerated claims seem to go way over the top, which makes them hard to believe.

Although the product does not contain ephedrine – the dangerous substance found in some diet pills – it does compare to it, which may look at least a bit suspicious. The ads claim that Zantrex3 is able to provide you with the means to lose weight fast and experience plenty of energy in the process. A closer look to this product will show why such claims should be taken with a grain of salt.

What is Zantrex3?

Zantrex 3 Canada WebsiteZantrex3 is a diet pill containing caffeine and other known ingredients that are commonly used in this type of pills. Because of its high contents of caffeine, there is plenty of concern regarding the safe usage of this particular product.

Since the manufacturer claims to be 546% more effective than products containing the dangerous ephedrine, it makes you wonder whether it is really safe to use such a powerful pill or not.

Does Zantrex 3 really work?

Whenever a new diet pill hits the market, the most legitimate question is: does it work or not? Surprisingly enough, it seems that Zantrex3 indeed works, according to the customer reviews that can be found online.

However, what these people say about the product should make you think twice. While the official website is quite scarce in providing proper information on the key ingredients and how they are supposed to work towards providing weight loss benefits.

On the good note, the product does contain green tea extract, which is often used in efficient diet pills. However, what worries consumers most is that it is extremely rich in caffeine.

Zantrex 3 and Snooki

This means that those crazy levels of energy you may experience when you take this pill are only the effect of the excess of caffeine in your blood. As you may well know, too much caffeine can be bad for your health, and your cardiovascular system may not approve with it.

Possible side effects of Zantrex 3

Zantrex3 is not a reliable product for a variety of reasons. Because of its high content of caffeine, side effects appear in most cases. Customers trying it confirmed that the product works for weight loss, but it comes with a painful cost.

The excess of caffeine leads to severe migraines and stomachaches, and long term use may even put your overall health in danger. Since the side effects are so powerful, not many dare taking Zantrex3 for more than two weeks, but that is the only reason why severe dangerous effects for one’s health are overruled.


Zantrex3 seems to benefit from a very aggressive marketing campaign, but, as far as its effects are concerned, the side effects weigh more than benefits. Although it can provide weight loss benefits, its high content of caffeine leads to unbearable side effects, such as headaches and stomach pains. The best course of action is to stay away from this product and try another diet pill that is safer to use. Also, losing weight rapidly can lead to health complications, so, if you already suffer from a medical condition, you should refrain from taking Zantrex3 altogether

Where To Buy Zantrex In Canada

Can be purchased from many outlets all across Canada including Shoppers Drug Mart, GNC, Loblaws and even Wal mart

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