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Lipocal Review – Does It Work

Lipocal is a dietary supplement which purports to assist you with achieving your weight reduction targets, via appetite suppression and fat burning.

The makers of Lipocal state that their product is effective, due to the 8 natural extracts it contains that are from rare species of plants. Nonetheless, is Lipocal really superior to the dietary supplements currently available for sale?

Lets discover the truth by having a closer look at the whole product.

The manufacturers of Lipocal are the Utah based company, Doakes Nutraceuticals LLC. This firm sell a range of other dietary pills, such as Lipo30, Phenphedrine and Phytodren – to name just a few.

The firm has links with Gadd formulas, and they do not have a good track record with regards to customer satisfaction.

What the Product Claims to do

Lipocal is presented as a complete diet supplement which helps to lower body fat, quell hunger cravings and bolster levels of energy. By consuming this product each day, the makers say that losing weight becomes far easier, and that you will soon have a slimmer and “sexier” body. Lipocal is easy to consume and ought to be taken twice daily with water, half-an-hour prior to lunch and breakfast.

Product Ingredients

Lipocal has several ingredients in it, including: Chromax, Ecdysterone, Super Citrimax, Forslean, Fucoxanthin, Pomegranate, Glucomannan, Damiana, Yerba Mate, Guarana and Green Tea. However, the ingredient quantities are not specified, and the only information provided is that the formula has 800 mg of “ultra potent extracts” in it. Unfortunately, this claim is impossible to corroborate.

Green tea is renown for its’ metabolism boosting and fat burning properties.

Yerba mate, damiana and guarana are all stimulants. Whilst they might increase metabolism and boost levels of energy, they can disrupt sleep and produce a range of side-effects like jitters, irritability and migraines.

Pomegranate is a proven source of anti oxidants, believed to enhance the effect of fucoxanthin. Fucoxanthin is a brown seaweed extract that functions as a fat burner.

Glucomannan is a soluble fibre that swells inside the belly to suppress the appetite.

Super citramax is a bitter orange extract and stimulant that functions like ephedra, without producing any harmful side-effects. Forslean is a forksolin extract, that functions as a fat burner. Ecdysterone is a fat burner that can help to boost the metabolism. Chromax is a patented blend of chromium, that can stabilize your levels of blood sugar. A stable level of blood sugar means that you will experience fewer cravings, which will reduce hunger pangs and serve as an appetite suppressor.

Most of the Lipocal ingredients have a positive effect on weight loss and have clinical data to back up many of the claims. However, because a full ingredients profile has been omitted, it is not possible to know whether there is a sufficient quantity of each ingredient for the product to work.


  • Lipocal has some clinically tested ingredients in it.
  • A volume discount is offered, along with a complimentary bonus gift for customers who order several bottles.


  • The amount of each ingredient in the formula is not revealed.
  • Lipocal is costly at $50.00 per bottle.
  • No company address or contact information.
  • Although there is a 3 month refund guarantee, it is unclear whether this is only applicable to unopened bottles.
  • The seven customer testimonials on the official website do not include photographs, and might easily be faked.

Are There any Side-Effects

As there is no mention of the ingredient quantities, it is not possible to know for certain how probable side-effects are. The formula does contain caffeine, so people with a sensitivity to this might encounter side-effects like the jitters, sweating, increased heart rate, insomnia and nervousness.

Final Verdict

The makers have tried to give the impression that the weight loss claims they make about each ingredient is supported by published studies. However, because they do not reveal the quantity of each ingredient in the formula, it is impossible to know whether it will be effective. Lots of the ingredients are stimulants, so the product might not be suitable for everyone. Customers would probably be better off using a supplement that is safe and clinically proven instead.

Where To Buy LipoCal In Canada

Can only be ordered online through the manufacturers own official website – it ships to Canada and the US. There is no over the counter option.

Alternative Diet Pills

Phen375 and Capsiplex are arguably two of the most popular and effective fat burners available to Canadian with the advantage given to Phen375. There are many, many success stories listed and the r-order rate is through the roof.


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