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Body And Thigh Slim Review

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Body & Thigh Slim Canada

Specifically designed to target your problem areas, like your belly, thighs and buttocks, Body & Thigh Slim claims to be a powerful way of burning your excess fat.

According to the manufacturer, this product boasts a range of clinically proven and potent fat burning components, that put the competition to shame. Body & Thigh Slim is meant to boost your stamina and endurance, quell your appetite, increase your metabolism, and treble the slimming results that exercise will give you.

You might even find that you drop 2 inches off your waist in just a few weeks. Although this sounds good in theory, these sorts of claims are often made by substandard, over hyped dietary products. Lets have a closer look at the product to see if our scepticism is justified.

What Is It And What Does It Contain

Body & Thigh Slim has 4 organic ingredients in it, that are meant to facilitate weight loss. Nonetheless, the formula only contains a single clinically proven slimming ingredient. Undoubtedly, green tea has been shown through countless clinical studies to have a positive effect on weight loss, and it is one of the most famous ingredients in the diet industry.

However, it is also unwise to use a product that depends on only one ingredient for results. The other Body & Thigh Slim ingredients might be healthy. For instance, calcium is good for the teeth and bones.

The issue is that none of these other ingredients have been shown to have any impact on weight loss. Actually, there are studies showing that some of the ingredients do not facilitate fat burning.

Green tea is present in virtually every weight loss product, but not all of these products burn fat effectively. To enjoy the true weight loss effects of green tea, the correct clinically proven quantities have to be used. Given that Body & Thigh Slim fail to list the ingredient quantities, it is difficult to have any confidence that the correct quantities have been used. Indeed, if the appropriate clinically proven amounts had been included, then you would have expected the manufacturer to have mentioned this.

Safety and Side-Effects

Body & Thigh Slim contains ingredients which have been shown to provide many health benefits. The majority of these ingredients are reasonably safe. Nonetheless, if you have a caffeine sensitivity, Body & Thigh Slim contains green tea, which has lots of caffeine in it. Caffeine sensitivity or not, this product might produce side-effects like insomnia, jitters, restlessness, headaches, and other side-effects commonly linked to caffeine.


  • Contains Green Tea – a clinically tested fat burner that has anti-oxidant benefits
  • Contains minerals and vitamins that are essential for good health
  • No prescription is required to purchase Body & Thigh Slim
  • Has a 30 day refund guarantee (minus shipping costs)


  • Only contains a single clinically proven slimming ingredient
  • Uses vitamins rather than fat burners
  • Does not disclose the quantities of each ingredient
  • The product is expensive, with a single bottle costing $79.95
  • It is not clear whether the website provides the full list of ingredients
  • The manufacturers do not recommend following a healthy diet program with this supplement
  • An $8.00 handling and shipping charge is applicable as well
  • No free samples are offered for this product
  • No clinical data is presented to support the effectiveness of the formula as a whole

Final Verdict

Body & Thigh Slim comes with a high price tag, and only uses one clinically proven weight loss ingredient. Because the amount of green tea in the formula is not revealed, it is impossible to say whether enough is included for it to have any effect. Without additional weight loss ingredients, it is doubtful whether Body & Thigh Slim will assist you with burning fat at all—particularly in difficult areas, like your thighs and stomach.

There is little information revealed about the manufacturers of Body & Thigh Slim on the official website. Only an online contact form and telephone number are provided, and the manufacturer’s address is not mentioned at all. Also, the product depends on a lot of exaggerated promises, designed to appeal to as many dieters as possible. Therefore, we can only conclude that the product is more likely to produce side-effects, rather than weight loss results.

Where To Buy Body & Thigh Slim In Canada

The official site is the best and possibly only option for Canadian customers.

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Body And Thigh Slim Review2admin2013-01-11 02:30:37Body & Thigh Slim Canada

Specifically designed to target your problem areas, like your belly, thighs and buttocks, Body & Thigh Slim claims…


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