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6 Week Bikini Body from Nutrologie

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Nutrologie 6 Week Bikini Body Review

Nutrologie is a British company that specializes in providing a schedule for obese people to slim down.

According to this 6 week Bikini diet from Nutrologie, a person who follows the instructions properly (as detailed in the plan) will be able to shed the extra pounds and slim down in a period of six weeks, without any sort of side effects.

This article will provide a detailed explanation on the actual process and its advantages.

Metalite capsules that are used in this 6 Bikini diet from Nutrologie contain green tea extract and amino acids like L-tyrosine, l-Tehnanine and vitamins like pyridoxine. It also has cayenne powder,caffeine powder, black pepper extract and so on.

6 week capsulesAll the ingredients which are used will help in increasing the metabolism of the body. This package also contains lipo tablets, which is completely made of fruit extracts like sweet orange extract, grapefruit extract and red orange extracts.

Along with it, this 6 week program includes detox tablets which contain aloe vera and lactobacillus acidophilus. The fitness plan which is suggested through this plan can be completed in 45 minutes. Instead of working out on the treadmill for hours together or instead of performing thousands of sit-ups, you can achieve weight loss in an easy way.

The calorie count per day will be set at a minimum level in this plan. In other words, you will have an intake of food which is lower in calories, compared to the recommended requirement for a day.

Key Ingredients

Certain meal replacement shakes are recommended in the 6 Bikini diet from Nutrologie. You will be taking 35 g of this meal replacement shake along with 250 mg of skimmed milk. You will receive around 14.5 g of protein, 35 g of carbohydrates and 1.72 g of fat, along with 1.75g of fibre and 0.188 g of sodium in each serving.

6 week bikini diet in the media

Interesting facts on 6 Bikini diet from Nutrologie

Losing 12 lbs in a week is not a small achievement. You can accomplish this using the6 Bikini diet from Nutrologie. You will be surprised to find yourself, wearing bikini and swimming in the beach after 6 weeks of using this diet plan.

Chromium which is present in this 6 week bikini diet plan will help in lowering the sugar level in blood. One of the most important reasons for obesity is the increased intake of carbohydrates. This kind of sugar craving can be prevented easily when you start this plan.

6 week Bikini diet from Nutrologie Media Focus

The 6 week Bikini diet from Nutrologie is mainly used by people due to its importance in maintaining the proper function of the central nervous system and the immune system. In many of the women’s health magazine and fitness magazines, you will surely find a column about the health tips or recommendations about the diet pills.

When you are browsing these magazines, you will be surprised to find that most of them wish to have zero size and are willing to go on a bikini diet. You can find a lot of magazines with the advertisement on the 6 week Bikini diet from Nutrologie.

Success Stories

The 6 week diet plan has been formulated well and it has worked well in almost all the people who have tried it. This 6 week diet plan has more than 42 sachets of meal replacement drinks. Apart from this, the 6 week fat burning capsules have also helped so many celebrities to get a perfect figure. People who have shared their success stories have laid importance on the presence of vitamins like vitamin B6 or vitamin B12.

Side Effects

Though the advertisements on 6 week Bikini diet from Nutrologie state that you can achieve a perfect figure even at an old age, it is not possible. You can stay slim and be active if you use these pills at the age of 50.

But achieving the body structure of a 20 year women is surely not possible. There is a specific target of losing 2 lbs in a week on using this program.

Thus you can lose around 12 to 13 lbs in six weeks. This is a realistic program. But when you exert yourself too much, you might lose more weight in an unhealthy way.

Bottom Line

The thermogenic capsules, detox capsules and the meal replacement programs are the main aspects of this 6 week program that are recommended by most people. When you read the reviews about this program from various sites and magazines, you surely get a positive review.

All the ingredients in the tablets are completely natural and have so many medicinal properties like anti inflammatory activities, anti ageing property, anti cancer property and so on. Once you start trying out the 6 week Bikini diet from Nutrologie it, you will understand the true benefits of the product.

6 Week Bikini Body from Nutrologie3.0000000000001admin22013-07-16 18:39:366 Week Bikini diet from Nutrologie, formulated well and it has worked well in almost all the people who have tried it. Where to buy 6 Week Bikini Body Canada


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