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Thermogenesil Review Does It Work

Thermogenesil is a slimming supplement which claims to be capable of burning fat and suppressing the appetite. Apparently, this will produce better weight loss results, compared to just exercising or dieting alone.

Specifically, this supplement says it includes a diverse range of clinically proven slimming  ingredients in the correct, clinically approved quantities.

Nonetheless, initially, Thermogenesil appears very similar to several other popular slimming aids. With science supposedly supporting the ingredients in this product, we were very keen to learn more about Thermogenesil

While it is not obvious, this product is produced by the Utah based Ampersand Industries LLC. This firm have manufactured several other supplements, like the unheralded Phenphedrine, Myoripped, Slimvox and Ambislim. There are no details about the firm displayed on the official product website, and only a web contact form, “live chat” feature and sales line are offered.

Product Ingredients

Thermogenesil has the following ingredients in it: Irvingia Gabonensis, Glucomannan, Green Tea – fifty percent EGCG, Green Tea – fifty percent Caffeine and Chromax.

Chromax is a form of chromium, that has been proven to stabilise levels of blood sugar. This helps to  quell the appetite, and stop cravings. Glucomannan is a kind of fibre that can hold more than its’ weight in water. Therefore, when consumed with water, it swells inside the belly to produce a feeling of satiety, which helps to reduce hunger pangs. Also, it allows users to feel full after eating less food, which prevents the cravings that make the majority of diets difficult to sustain.

Green tea is a naturally occurring caffeine source, and stimulant, which will assist with boosting the metabolism to shed more fat while resting, and during exercise. This will improve your overall slimming results. Irvingia Gabonensis is the clinical name for African Mango, which has become a feature in the ingredients of several dietary supplements on the market today. This ingredient is included to suppress the appetite, due to the leptin levels present in the fruit. Leptin regulates the speed with which your body processes food.

However, although many of these individual ingredients have clinical data to support their effectiveness, the same can not be said of the formula as a whole. Thermogenesil contains just 450mg of the clinically proven 1200mg dosage of Green Tea.

Recommended Dosage

Every bottle has 168 capsules in it, which ought to be consumed in a couple of servings each day – once at lunch and once at breakfast. The size of each serving is three capsules and, rather confusingly, the bottle says that there are sixty servings, when it ought to say fifty-six servings. In the FAQ section, it says that each bottle will only last for twenty-eight days.

Side Effects

At least a couple of the ingredients could potentially cause problems. Glucomannan is a fibre – so it might produce the following side-effects: Diarrhoea, constipation, excessive gas and upset stomach. Green Tea is a caffeine source – which might produce the following: Dizziness, headaches, nervousness, irritability, nausea and insomnia.


  • Thermogenesil has some clinically proven ingredients in it.
  • The supplement comes with a refund guarantee.


  • As a whole, the Thermogenesil formula has not been clinically proven.
  • The supplement does not contain a clinically proven green tea dosage.
  • The supplement is costly at about $50.00 per bottle, with a price reduction for bulk purchases.
  • The overseas shipping rates are costly.
  • This supplement claims it will work without exercising or dieting.
  • There is no customer feedback to lend credence to this product.
  • The company address and details are not revealed.

Final Verdict

When we first looked at it, Thermogenesil seemed like it might be a reasonable product, in spite of the fact that it claims you can slim down without dieting or exercising.

Nonetheless, upon closer inspection, the formula appears to be lacking in that it only contains a small quantity of clinically proven ingredients. Generally, it is far more sensible to purchase a formula that is proven to be effective and safe as a whole.

Anyone who wants to try this product should note that it does not have a sufficient quantity of green tea in it. This alone might make the results less spectacular than they are purported to be.

Recommended Alternative

Phen375 before and after Pics1Its hard to recommend any other fat burner over Phen375 – arguably the complete diet pill with a dual action fat burning and appetite suppressing benefit, Phen375 is the most popular non prescription diet pill available in Canada.

Phen375 has many testimonials and success stories attributed to it – and more importantly from real users rather then the contractually obliged celebrity.

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