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7 Biggest Diet Myths

Have you been on a warpath with diets and suffering crushing defeat every time? Not surprised to hear that since that’s what happening to most of us today. With so called experts popping up everywhere like mushrooms and the Internet spewing out ‘knowledgeable content’, there seems to be too many rules to follow. Every advice sounds good but since nothing is really working it is time to weed out the false from the truth. Take a look at the 7 biggest diet myths and you will know what I am talking about.

Foods that contain carbohydratesMyth #1 – Banish the carbs – Most diets will ask you to stick to low carb diets if you want to lose weight. Carbs are very important components of our daily diet and banishing them would mean that you are banishing away your chance of a healthy, balanced diet. Limiting your intake of carbs will show some weight loss but this is not sustainable and you will quickly regain the weight in no time. Instead focus on eating carbs which have a lot of fibre like whole grains, nuts, seed, fruits and vegetables. Banish only the processed carbs which do nothing to promote good health.

Myth #2 – Eat fat free to lose fat – One of the 7 biggest myths is to avoid fats altogether. Sticking to low fat diets make it even more difficult to stick to diets and lead people to binge. Fats are necessary for good health. They help in proper functioning of all the major organs and aid in the absorption of vitamins and other nutrients in the body. Fat intake also keeps us full for a longer time thereby suppressing appetite. It is only when you overeat that your fat intake loses its normal balance.

Myth #3 – Stay away from fruit juice – Dieters shouldn’t stay away from natural fruit juice but from the artificial ones. The supermarkets shelves are stacked with all kinds of fruits juices, cocktails and smoothies that promise a healthy alternative and easy way to lose weight. But be warned that none of these are 100% juice; they have no fibre content and are full of added sugar and high fructose syrup which are very bad for health. It is much better to make fresh juice out of the fruit you like or better yet, have the whole fruit itself.

Eating when hungryMyth #4 – Eat only when hungry – The body needs nourishment at regular intervals to function properly. You don’t have to eat only when you feel hungry because that might cause long gap between meals especially if you have a slower metabolism and feel less hungry than the others. When the body does not get food on time it starts storing fat to conserve its energy which leads to weight gain. People who evenly space out their meals and eat small portions frequently are less likely to gain weight since their bodies burn calories and fat better.

Myth #5 – This is perhaps the biggest whopper among the 7 biggest diet myths. Eat anything if you are working out regularly – Exercise is very important to keep fit but it will not help you at all if you keep eating junk. The amount of calories you take in this way is way more than what you can lose from moderate exercises even of you do them regularly. But if you can control what you are eating then even moderate workouts can go a long way to contain weight and keep you healthy and fit.

Myth #6 – Don’t eat after 8 – It is not the time but the calories you take in that’s the real culprit here. Of course, if you go to sleep right after eating it may male it difficult for your body to digest the food. Indigestion leads to acidity and bloating which makes one feel less fit. One thing that can cause weight gain is excessive snacking especially later in the day but if you are eating balanced foods and sticking to meal times then there is no reason why you can’t eat after 8 p.m. Make sure you eat only what you need and not give in to binges, and you will never gain weight.

man with big beer bellyMyth #7 –Beer leads to beer belly – You will often hear of people giving up their favorite drink because they feel they are putting on weight. Well they may be but not from the beer because beer has only 20% of alcohol and considered quite harmless by doctors and dieticians alike. In fact most doctors do not consider alcohol to be of great significance as far as weight gain is considered since there one gram of alcohol contains only 7 calories. Of course, everything should be taken in moderation so that it doesn’t lead to other health issues.

Now that you know what the 7 biggest diet myths plan your meals well and have some fun with that diet.


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