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Zantrex 3 Canada

Zantrex3 Review, Does It Work, Stockists In Canada
If you were to take after what it said on the official website, Zantrex3 is the most wonderful weight loss pill that has ever been invented. However, the exaggerated claims seem to go way over the top, which makes them hard to believe.
Although the product does not contain […]

Chili Burn Canada

Chili Burn the fat burner from New Nordic now available to buy over the counter in pharmacies in Canada, Does Chili Burn work, what are the side effects and where to buy for the lowest and best price. Other diet pills to consider as an alternative to Chili Burn.

Intivar Review Canada

Intivar Female Rejuvenation Gel – What is that and is it any good?
Intivar is not like other female rejuvenation gels, it does not just lubricate the vagina. Due to all natural ingredients Intivar can help to improve lubrication, tighten the sensation and increase female libido.
As we age many women will suffer from vaginal dryness, women […]

UniqueHoodia Canadian Website

Unique Hoodia contains 495mg of pure Hoodia is every capsule making it the highest strength genuine certified product in existence.

Relacore PM

Relacore PM is natural diet pill available without prescription that has a rather unique angle.

The manufacturers claim the causes of excess body fat are related to stress.

Their research has found that the human hormone Cortisol (responsible for regulating the metabolic rate, our blood pressure and immune system) can go into overdrive when we are stressed and subsequently produce too much for our body to effectively handle.

It is thought (by the Relacore R & D dept) that too much Cortisol release is directly responsible for body fat storage.

Slimquick Hoodia

Slimquick Hoodia is an appetite suppressant available to buy over the counter without prescription.

It contains contains Calcium, Vitamin D3 and Green Tea, and is advertised as “uniquely formulated for women” although the ingredients included in the formula are not gender specific and so should not restrict men from using.

550 mg of certified authentic South African Hoodia Gordonii per serving is claimed but difficult to find absolute proof that genuine raw powder is used. Lack of CITES certificate is a real disappointment.

Regal Slim Review with Pros and Cons

Regal Slim is a dietary supplement produced in the USA by Regal Nutra.
The company says they are “confident Regal Slim will transform you”, but they are not confident enough to provide a money back guarantee and the official Regal Slim website is extremely lacking in information about the product and how it works.
However, they do […]

Prescopodene Canada

Is Prescopodene Available In Canada
“Is this Canada’s most powerful diet pill?” is the opening headline of the official Canadian Prescopodene website. This is also the exact same headline on the official USA, Australia and UK websites.
To their credit, the marketing department are adept are targeting specific countries and giving the appearance that their product is […]

Buy Hydroxycut Acai Canada

Hydroxycut is one of the most familiar diet pill brands in not just Canada but the United States and throughout Europe. Where To Buy Hydroxcut Acai in Canada.

PhenMax375 Compared To Phen375

PhenMax375 is a diet pill manufactured in the USA by YoungYou Corporation.
It appears to have been named in a way that is likely to confuse people who are hoping to buy Phen375 (one of the best diet pills in the world) and, if the marketing material is to be believed, it provides a “brand-new approach […]