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Phenphedrine Review Canada

A typical example of a diet pill that originates from our cousins across the border in the United States.

There are currently several diet pills with similar sounding brands names that use the same type of marketing angle and include almost identical ingredients.

Phenphedrine we are told is the result is of years of scientific study and clinical research – until finally a breakthrough has been found to aid long term weight loss.

Google Fenphedra, Nuphedragen and whole host of other brand names and you will read an almost identical opening gambit followed by a mystifying explanation involving a Yin-Yang battle happening deep within our consciousness.

What Is Phenphedrine And How Does It Work

Basically a fat burner that is designed to stimulate the CART and inhibit the NP-Y. The CART (cocaine amphetamine regulatory transcript), which is explained as the  “good guy.” When the CART is stimulated it speeds your metabolic rate which in turn curbs your appetite and gives you more insulin to deliver energy to your muscles rather than be stored as body fat.

The flip side is NP-Y (Neuropeptide-Y) It’s a stress hormone that makes the “eating chemicals” within your bran respond. When stimulated it will make your metabolic rare drop, cause your body temperature to drop, and ultimately make you hungry.

If you are completely lost by any of the above then take comfort that you are not alone.

Does Phenphedrine Cause Side Effects

Although nothing severe has been reported some customers have complained headaches, heart palpitations and stomach cramps.

Where To Buy Phenphedrine In Canada

Only appears to be available from the official website. Shoppers Drug Mart (Pharmaprix for readers from Qubec) and Jean Coutu are unlikely to stock.

Is It Recommended

Very hard to give any kind of recommendation to.

Other Fat Burners To Consider

Phen375 is a better alternative – it is a powerful appetite suppressant and fat burner made from premium and pharmacy grade ingredients manufactured in FDA approved facilities, something which very few diet products can boast.

Phen375 make realistic and highly achievable results. It can help you to lose a possible 3lbs to 5lbs per week in a sustainable, controlled and side effect free manner.

Phen375 has been responsible for numerous diet success stories and has many positive testimonials from life customers as opposed to the more contractually obliged celebrity.

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