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Where To Buy Lipofuze In Canada

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Lipofuze Review

Lipofuze is advertised as the “Extreme Weight Loss Formula” and claims to contain 10 patented weight loss ingredients.

It also boasts a 95% customer approval rate and rates itself as the best fat burner of 2011.

 At first glance it seems rather good. But when the actual specifics are drilled into in more detail positivity starts to unravel.

What Is Lipofuze

A non prescription fat burner designed to burn fat, increase metabolism, provide additional energy while building lean muscle mass.

What Are The Ingredients

The formula consists of the following active ingredients: ThermoDiamine, Raspberry Ketone, FucoPure (Wakame Seaweed), ForsLean,  Guggulsterones , Bioperine, Green Tea extract, capsaicin (red hot chili pepper), synephrine HCL, DHEA, cinnamon, Phenylethylamine, ginger, and 20-hyroxyecdysone.

Lipofuze Side Effects

Nothing of any great consequence of severity provided the usage instructions are followed although some users have suggested and commented that cause it can cause insomnia or increased heart rate in people who are sensitive to caffeine.

There have been several cases of customer complaining that the product either does not work or that they felt nauseous while taking.

Where To Buy Lipofuze In Canada

An online only product, there is no canadian specific outlet. Unlikely to be sold at various Canadian pharmacies and health product outlets such as Shoppers Drugs Mart, Jean Coutu and Wal Mart etc.

Is It Recommended – Does Lipofuze Work

It does contain some proven ingredients but whether the formula is strong enough to justify its claims is open for debate. Very hard to recommend especially when it competes directly with the excellent Phen375

Alternative Recommended Fat Burners

As mentioned above Phen375 is becoming the defacto fat burner –  made from synthetic components manufactured using pharmacy grade ingredients in an FDA registered facilities.

Phen375 has numerous success stories associated with it and encourages users to post before and after photos. While the competition appears to rely on words, Phen375 post pictures of real life testimonials.

More about Phen375

Where To Buy Lipofuze In Canada2admin22011-09-09 20:18:40Impartial reviews of Lipofuze fat burner the extreme weight loss pill, does itw ork, side effects. Where To buy Lipofuze Canada shoppers drugs mart wal mart


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