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Clinicallix Review

Clinicallix is a non prescription fat burner that is available to buy in almost every country in the world that allows free trade – of course this includes Canada.

It’s claims are that if you don’t lose weight after 10 days they will refund you your money. Another claim is that you can lose up to 31.69 lbs (in 60 days) with 3 clinically proven ingredients within their formula.

The official website also explains why most people do not lose weight and lays blame on the fact that a large number of diet pills on the market are ineffectual.

What Is Clinicallix – Ingredients

A combination of three key compounds. The first compound contains Yerba Mate, Guarana and Damiana.

The second compound contains 1 gram of Glucomannan, with the third comprising of Garcinia Cambogia, Gymnema Sylvestre and Chromium.

How Does Clinicallix Work

Theoretically, the formula is designed to suppress appetite and provide a feeling of fullness (satiety) while reducing the craving for sugary foods as well as increasing the metabolic rate enabling fat to be converted into energy.

Potential Side Effects

An all natural product that should not pose a risk to health if taken as suggested. Pregnant or nursing mothers should not use unless advised to do so by their doctor or physician.

Does Clinicallix Work – Is It Effective

Clinicallix suffers from a fate similar a vast majority of commercial diet pills in so much there are just to many ingredients contained in the capsule and the effective ingredients have a tendency to be diluted by the less effective ingredients.

In summary there are just too many filler ingredients.

Where To Buy Clinicallix In Canada

Purchases are restricted to the official website and selected third party online stockists. There is no presence in pharmacies across Canada.

Alternative Fat Burners

Clinicallix is hard to recommend based purely in light of the current breed of fat burner currently available.

For a snapshot of the current premium over the counter fat burners available to buy over the counter in Canada read Best Fat Burners

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