Mulberry Zuccarin Review Canada

Should I take Mulberry Zuccarin Max to lose weight?

Mulberry Zuccarin Max from the European pharmaceutical company New Nordic, the company behind Chili Burn is a natural product that controls blood sugar levels and block carbs, enabling you to burn fat more and reducing food cravings.

Block carbohydrate digestion and regulate your blood sugar with this new unique and highly concentrated Mulberry leaf extract. “

Mulberry Zuccarin Max: How does it work?

Mulberry Zuccarin contains the Mulberry leaf, which is clinically proven to regulate sugar levels in the blood.

The Mulberry leaf contains the molecule DNJ (1-deoxynojirimycin), that slow down the transformation of dietary sugars (polysaccharides) into glucose, so sugar goes into the blood at a more steady pace and you don’t get insulin spikes.

To lose weight effectively, your blood sugar must remain stable because too much sugar too fast creates insulin spikes, the main cause of food cravings and overeating.

So not only insulin causes you to overeat because it over-compensates for increased sugar in the blood by lowering it too much, but it stimulates you to eat more carb to replenish your sugar level, creating more sugar in the blood. It’s a never ending cycle.

And on top of that, too much insulin causes your body to burn fat less efficiently, because insulin is a fat storage hormone that stimulates the creation of more body fat.

Also, overstimulate your insulin level for a long period of time and you’re at risk of developing type II diabetes. That is why a lot of obese people have diabetes problems as well.

These are all the reasons why you should get steady sugar levels in your blood and Mulberry Zuccarin helps you obtain that.

What are the benefits of Mulberry Zuccarin Max?

Mulberry Zuccarin diet pill prevents food cravings, especially for sweets.

If you have a “sweet tooth”, overeat often, eat when you are stressed and not because you are hungry, crave carbohydrates and have a hard time sticking to a healthy diet, Mulberry Zuccarin will help you be less tempted by food. You will eat less calories per day and you will naturally lose weight.

If you are less hungry, it’s going to be easier to stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Mulberry Zuccarin will also let you experiment those benefits:

  • Weight loss by cutting your calorie consumption naturally
  • Less water retention and a flatter stomach
  • Improved mood and concentration
  • Reducing the risk of developing diabetes

Ingredients of Mulberry Zuccarin Max

Mulberry Zuccarin contains 400mg of White Mulberry leaf extract. It is 100% natural and safe.

Mulberry leaves have been consumed as a tea for more than 700 years in Japan. It is well known for its anti-hyperglycemic properties, that reduces the absorption of sugars in the blood and regulates insulin spikes better.

Mulberry leaves also contain phytosterols, that are clinically proven to lower cholesterol.

From the manufacturer:
This product is free from sugar, salt, gluten, yeast, soya and dairy products and is formulated without the use of preservatives, flavours or colourings of any kind. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Suitable for diabetics.

Side Effects of Mulberry Zuccarin Max

Mulberry Zuccarin is completely safe and natural. Is had been used for centuries by Chinese and South European natural medicine without side effect.

One negative aspect of Mulberry Zuccarin is that its claims haven’t been evaluated by the FDA. That doesn’t mean that the claims are false, it only means they haven’t been certified.

We believe that Mulberry Zuccarin cause no serious side effect.

Where to buy Mulberry Zuccarin Max in Canada

Mulberry Zuccarin is sold in pharmacies throughout Canada. You can buy in many leading pharmacies including Shoppers Drugs Mart, WalMart, Zellers, Pharmaprix and Jean Coutu Pharmacy.

Looking Elsewhere – Other Diet Pill To Consider

Although carb blocking is considered to be an effective tactic there does not appear to conclusive evidence to validate its effect

A combination of suppressing appetite whilst burning excess body fat is believed to be the most effective weight loss solution.

Phen375 combines these two elements – and rather well! Phen375 is the legal Phentermine alternative and available to buy without prescription.

Phen375 also encourage users to submit to them a video diary detailing their weight loss experiences – a tactic that is a refreshing change from the usual highly dubious contractually obliged celebrity endorsement.

Phen375 is manufactured using pharmaceutical grade ingredients in FDA approved facilities and should be given serious consideration.

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Mulberry Zuccarin Review Canada3.75admin2010-07-29 20:02:41What are the benefits of Mulberry Zuccarin Max and how will it make you lose weight by reducing your food cravings and regulating your blood sugar levels?

Buy BPI RoxyLean Canada

BPI RoxyLean Review

BPI Roxylean is marketed as an enhanced variant of the E.C.A. Stack that suffered from the same issues which blighted the Ephedra natural supplement era. Similar to its’ predecessor, BPI Roxylean is perfect for usage throughout a workout program’s cutting phase to acquire more muscle tone and definition.

This supplement is very potent and will not suit everyone. It consists of the precise ratio of  performance based components, circulatory catalysts and energy-driven ingredients which make it different to all other weight loss products available in shops today.

When correctly taken, it is claimed that Roxylean’s component agents will mimic the E.C.A Stack and have a potentiating and remarkable effect on weight control, and increase lean muscle tissue.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer assumes that mixing ingredients that share similar traits will produce similar results. In reality, even on a molecular level, similar compounds display substantial variations, so their effectiveness has to actually be demonstrated. While there is lots of scientific evidence indicating that the (now illegal) E.C.A. Stack mixture of caffeine, aspirin and ephedra aids weight reduction, the same can not be said for BPI RoxyLean.

RoxyLean is based on the most popular weight loss supplement ever formulated.* It is extremely strong and not for everyone. It is comprised of the exact ratio of energy-driven ingredients, performance based components, and circulatory catalysts that make it unlike any other weight loss product available in Canada.

How BPI Roxylean Works

BPI RoxyLean contains a proprietary blend of API quality, CNS (Central Nervous System) stimulants. These ingredients apparently act to encourage the quickening of the mental and physical processes, which is vital for triggering weight loss. One capsule on an empty stomach in the morning, before food, should be taken at first. Because of the extreme potency of this supplement, you should not take over three capsules in one day.

BPI RoxyLean is not overly different to the majority of fat burners based on stimulants available for sale today. It has all of the identical main ingredients in it. It is simply that BPI have concealed the sources of these ingredients to make the supplement appear original.

Customer Feedback and Side-effects

Most of the customer feedback online suggests that this is an extremely powerful product, not appropriate for people who suffer heart problems, or who are new to taking thermogenics. Many people have reported that it is easy to use, and that it has boosted their energy levels and produced some reasonable weight loss results.

However, many users also report that they have experienced side-effects, like intense stomach pains, headaches, itching (hives), swollen limbs and insomnia.


This supplement seems to benefit the weight loss goals of some users, but it will not suit every user. It appears to quell the appetite effectively, but it is quite an intense product and the blend of DMAA, yohimbine and caffeine derivatives might very well blow the tops of people’s heads off, depending upon the dosage of these crucial components.

One helping of BPI RoxyLean comes in a single tablet, so you can not lower the dose to gauge your tolerance to the supplement. Therefore, even if the product’s “energy” claims tempt you, you are taking a risk should you opt to buy the supplement and then discover that it is too potent for you.

Where To Buy RoxyLean In Canada

Can be bought in many leading health and fitness stores across Canada with perhaps GNC being most prominent.

Recommended Alternative

Its hard to ignore the impact made by Phen375 – a legitimate and potent phentermine alternative that is marketed to act as fat burner and appetite suppressant.

It also claims that it has been formulated in FDA regulated facilities which no many competitive diet product can lay claim to.

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6 Week Bikini Body from Nutrologie

Nutrologie 6 Week Bikini Body Review

Nutrologie is a British company that specializes in providing a schedule for obese people to slim down.

According to this 6 week Bikini diet from Nutrologie, a person who follows the instructions properly (as detailed in the plan) will be able to shed the extra pounds and slim down in a period of six weeks, without any sort of side effects.

This article will provide a detailed explanation on the actual process and its advantages.

Metalite capsules that are used in this 6 Bikini diet from Nutrologie contain green tea extract and amino acids like L-tyrosine, l-Tehnanine and vitamins like pyridoxine. It also has cayenne powder,caffeine powder, black pepper extract and so on.

6 week capsulesAll the ingredients which are used will help in increasing the metabolism of the body. This package also contains lipo tablets, which is completely made of fruit extracts like sweet orange extract, grapefruit extract and red orange extracts.

Along with it, this 6 week program includes detox tablets which contain aloe vera and lactobacillus acidophilus. The fitness plan which is suggested through this plan can be completed in 45 minutes. Instead of working out on the treadmill for hours together or instead of performing thousands of sit-ups, you can achieve weight loss in an easy way.

The calorie count per day will be set at a minimum level in this plan. In other words, you will have an intake of food which is lower in calories, compared to the recommended requirement for a day.

Key Ingredients

Certain meal replacement shakes are recommended in the 6 Bikini diet from Nutrologie. You will be taking 35 g of this meal replacement shake along with 250 mg of skimmed milk. You will receive around 14.5 g of protein, 35 g of carbohydrates and 1.72 g of fat, along with 1.75g of fibre and 0.188 g of sodium in each serving.

6 week bikini diet in the media

Interesting facts on 6 Bikini diet from Nutrologie

Losing 12 lbs in a week is not a small achievement. You can accomplish this using the6 Bikini diet from Nutrologie. You will be surprised to find yourself, wearing bikini and swimming in the beach after 6 weeks of using this diet plan.

Chromium which is present in this 6 week bikini diet plan will help in lowering the sugar level in blood. One of the most important reasons for obesity is the increased intake of carbohydrates. This kind of sugar craving can be prevented easily when you start this plan.

6 week Bikini diet from Nutrologie Media Focus

The 6 week Bikini diet from Nutrologie is mainly used by people due to its importance in maintaining the proper function of the central nervous system and the immune system. In many of the women’s health magazine and fitness magazines, you will surely find a column about the health tips or recommendations about the diet pills.

When you are browsing these magazines, you will be surprised to find that most of them wish to have zero size and are willing to go on a bikini diet. You can find a lot of magazines with the advertisement on the 6 week Bikini diet from Nutrologie.

Success Stories

The 6 week diet plan has been formulated well and it has worked well in almost all the people who have tried it. This 6 week diet plan has more than 42 sachets of meal replacement drinks. Apart from this, the 6 week fat burning capsules have also helped so many celebrities to get a perfect figure. People who have shared their success stories have laid importance on the presence of vitamins like vitamin B6 or vitamin B12.

Side Effects

Though the advertisements on 6 week Bikini diet from Nutrologie state that you can achieve a perfect figure even at an old age, it is not possible. You can stay slim and be active if you use these pills at the age of 50.

But achieving the body structure of a 20 year women is surely not possible. There is a specific target of losing 2 lbs in a week on using this program.

Thus you can lose around 12 to 13 lbs in six weeks. This is a realistic program. But when you exert yourself too much, you might lose more weight in an unhealthy way.

Bottom Line

The thermogenic capsules, detox capsules and the meal replacement programs are the main aspects of this 6 week program that are recommended by most people. When you read the reviews about this program from various sites and magazines, you surely get a positive review.

All the ingredients in the tablets are completely natural and have so many medicinal properties like anti inflammatory activities, anti ageing property, anti cancer property and so on. Once you start trying out the 6 week Bikini diet from Nutrologie it, you will understand the true benefits of the product.

Re-Body Hunger Caps Canada

Re-Body Hunger Caps Review

Most diets are focused at the obvious – boosting metabolic speed and fat burning.

What is not so obvious in a diet is not just how much you burn but how less you eat. A majority of diets fail to take off because while they have helped dieters burn fat but they have not been able to control the recurrent hunger pangs.

Dieter’s eat less and therefore constantly feel hungry. Unless this hunger is properly controlled one cannot hope to lose weight or find long term solutions to the problem.

It is exactly this issue that has been addressed and effectively tackled by Re-Body.

The product uses the age old goodness of saffron which has long been known as an appetite suppressant and mood enhancer.

What Are Re-Body Hunger Caps?

saffron extractRe-Body is a clinically tested weight management product that uses the natural goodness of saffron to produce the desired effects. Saffron has been used since ancient times as a panacea for insomnia and depression. It has been known to affect weight and suppress appetite for a long time as well. Its healing powers are found to be beneficial for a number of serious conditions including cancer. It is also a spice and seasoning ingredient which is quite expensive and therefore used sparingly.

Now the goodness of this product can be found in more affordable manner through the Re-Body veggie capsules. The product has gone through numerous clinical trials all of which show that it can create a feeling of fullness in the body and prevent one from snack or sugar cravings between meals.

The breakthrough scientific formula has led to the development of the proprietary ingredient Satiereal® which is supposed to reduce cravings for snacks 100%. It is also known to greatly enhance the mood and add to the feeling of well-being. As a result it keeps depression at bay which is a major cause for people to crave for sweets and junk foods.

Though some results can be seen in a few days, ideally one should take it for at least 8 weeks for best results. One should take two capsules daily – once in the morning before breakfast and once in the evening before dinner.


  • The main ingredient is the Satiereal® Saffron Extract.
  • Other ingredients include Vegetable Cellulose, Silica and Rice Bran.

How do Re-Body Hunger Caps work?

The saffron extract works as an appetite suppressant which leads to lesser cravings. The rice bran and vegetable cellulose in the product fills up the stomach and slows down digestion which in turn keeps one full for a very long time. The fullness lingers to some extent even during mealtimes which leads to more controlled intake of foods and calories.

Since saffron is an excellent mood enhancer it works as an antidote for depression and insomnia – conditions that often drives one to eat even when not hungry. It creates a feeling of over wellbeing and positivity which lightens the mood and easily divers the mind from food.

Side effects

Saffron is a naturally found ingredient therefore chances of side effects are quite minimal. However, it may interact with certain medications one is taking at the time therefore it is advisable to consult a physician before taking these veggie capsules.

One major drawback is that it usually takes 8 weeks for the product to show sustainable results. That is quite a long time and most dieters might lose patience and revert to their original diet patterns. It works faster on moderately overweight people but for those who have considerable weight it may take longer.

But clinical trials have proven that it does work, so all one has to do is be patient for the results to show. One thing is sure, if continued properly this product can offer a rare prize – long term solution in weight loss.

Re-Body Hunger Caps Stockists In Canada

Can be purchased in store at reputable retailers of health supplements such as GNC. Or online via several webs based stockists

Recommended Diet Pills

Garcinia Cambogia diet pillsThe diet pill is making headlines currently is Garcinia Cambogia Extra. Containing two of the most powerful natural substances (garcinia and raspberry ketone) it can not only burn fat but inhibit the fat producing process.

It can also suppress appetite and lower cholesterol levels.

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PGX Daily Singles Review

PGX Daily Singles Review

The PGX Daily Singles supplement is a stimulant free, safe method of reducing appetite and balancing levels of blood sugar for natural weight reduction.

This fibre product was recommended by Dr Oz as “the most powerful source of fibre we know of”, and “a weight loss must have”. PGX is an original blend of plant fibre that can be easily added to meals. PGX soluble fibre products are convenient, and not based on caffeine or habit forming. Neither are they fad diets or nutrient blockers.

PGX Daily Ingredients

PGX is an original blend of completely natural, water soluble, dietary fibre (polysaccharides) from plants. PGX contains a precise ratio of polysaccharides made from sodium alginate, xanthan gum and konjac root. Together, these components normalise blood and restore sensitivity to insulin more effectively than any other supplement, or diet plan, ever studied. PGX Daily Singles do not contain artificial preservatives, colours, sweeteners, gluten, corn, wheat, yeast or starch. Potency and purity are assured.

How PGX Works

Scientific tests have demonstrated PGX’s ability to slow down carbohydrate digestion, whilst boosting the sensation of satiety. PGX promotes healthy cholesterol and blood sugar, lowers food cravings and appetite. Some people put weight on because of erratic blood sugar. You consume something and your blood sugar shoots up, only to plummet later on. This can cause you to feel irritable and tired, and make you hungry. PGX fibre restores sensitivity to insulin so that fluctuations in blood sugar are lessened. PGX resets the metabolic rate and (almost) alters the glycemic index of the food you consume, so the body can change how it deals with insulin.

Once you mix PGX Daily into water, it expands and your food grows in volume and viscosity. Consequently, carbohydrate absorption is slowed down, so sugar gets released into the blood stream less rapidly. You will feel full-up quicker, you will not become hungry again so fast. Also, you will encounter fewer cravings for food.

Who Will PGX Daily Singles Help?

  • Those wanting to lower appetite.
  • Those with cravings for food (particularly sugar).
  • Dieters who haven’t got the will power to keep to stringent diets.
  • Those who wish to slim down, but who can’t enact big lifestyle alterations right now.
  • People who struggle with maintaining stable energy levels.
  • People who need to reduce their diet’s glycemic index to encourage healthy levels of blood sugar.
  • People wishing to maintain their healthy levels of triglyceride and cholesterol.
  • Diabetics who have to lower their L.D.L. cholesterol.
  • Those desiring the advantages of soluble fibre, without needing to swallow foul tasting powders or tablets.

Final Thoughts

The PGX Daily Singles supplement is user-friendly, even if you are eating out. Each package of PGX sticks has 2.5g of PGX granules in it. Simply rip the package open and sprinkle your food with it. It will not change how your food tastes. Alternatively, you might empty the PGX package into a glass of juice, water or milk-shake. Also, PGX Daily Singles can be sprinkled onto yoghurt, soups and desserts.

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Other Diet Pills To Consider

Without running the risk of repeating ourselves Phen375 is a highly recommended commercial diet pill.

It suppresses appetite and burns fat and is arguably the most effective diet pill to purchase without prescription if public perception if anything to go buy. it is one of the biggest selling diet products the world over.

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