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Controlex Weight Loss Capsules Review

Controlex is a natural appetite suppressor that is available to buy over the counter without the need for a doctors prescription.

It is formulated from three main ingredients contained in a gel based capsule that can easily be dissolved into your stomach.

The main problem with Controlex is that there is very little information supplied on what exactly the main ingredients are.

How Does Controlex Help With Weight Loss

As the gel dissolves into your stomach it creates a voluminous mass that can lead to a feeling of satiety or fullness.

It is formulated from vegetable substances from plants, which can absorb 50 – 100 times their weight in water.

Controlex not can only help with appetite suppression but also allowing to regain your intestinal regularity by eliminating toxins in your digestive system.

Controlex Side Effects

There should be no cause for concern if taken as suggested.

Is Controlex Recommended – Does It Work

Its very hard to recommend when compared to some of the current commercial diet pills available.

Although Controlex is reasonably priced and wont break the bank, the price element is largely irrelevant. The real cost involved is time – and the potential waste of time (of several weeks or months) that using a product that may not prove to be a success.

Where To Buy Controlex

Wal Mart currently stock in store at $29.99

Alternative Diet Pills

One of the most popular products presently is Phen375 – a combination fat burner and appetite suppressant.

Phen375 is a legal alternative to the prescription diet pill, Phentermine – Phen375 is formulated from pharmaceutical grade ingredients and yet available to buy without prescription.

More about Phen375


Buy Controlex From Wal Mart 2.2499999999999admin22010-08-16 20:08:48Controlex the natural appetite suppressant diet capsule. Does Controlex work, what are the side effects and is it worth using.

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  1. Hello Marjorie,

    Controlex is a very popular product used by thousands. It hasn’t been known to cause any severe side effects.

    If you do wish to try, follow the recommended dosage as described in the documentation.

    If you feel any ill effect whatsoever, cease taking and consult your doctor.

    If you are not comfortable taking Controlex, go back to Walmart and ask for a refund.

    Good luck with your weight loss success

  2. I would not bother with Controllex. I have wasted nearly 5 months on it and not lost a thing.

    I am trying to rate it but I have to give it at least one star because it wont let me rate it zero.

  3. I started controlex I was 1681bs I used it for about 2 months and I gained 6 pounds! I was 1741bs by the end of the 2 months. I felt like it did not do much for my cravings, I still ate the same amount as I did before, 2 thumbs down… sorry.

  4. OK so I started taking it again and it did do a little something, I restarted a week ago and I have lost about 5 pounds. I was 179lbs on Tuesday and on Sunday I weght myself and I was 174lbs. so a gues this time Its not that bad.

  5. I wouldn’t bother – try Alli. It might give you a very slight stomach upset but its worth the minor incovenience.

  6. I started with controlex on january 11 2011 after the holidays I weighed 163 lbs. after one month I went down to 150 lbs.So I tried another month and went down to 142 lbs. Now I am willing on trying another month which I still have to buy.I
    lost over 20 lbs. ,I am feeling good and worked for me , yes it is also in the mind and you need also some willpower.Remember also to eat right and naturally no junk food and I am sure it will work for you. Thank you Les Produits Naturels Leblanc.

  7. Controlex is a waste of time, so is basically everything else apart from Alli. Alli is the only FDA approved diet pill that you can buy ….. so why exactly is that…… becuase everything else doesnt work.

  8. i just bought Controlex today , i am 190lbs its mostly baby fat i had a baby 1 year ago and i cant seam to lose the weight , does this product really work? i know you have to eat right and excersize but in the end do you really lose weight???

  9. tried it and gave up. it didnt really work for me.
    Trying Phen375 heard good things about it.

  10. Alli is only available in the United States.. You cannot buy Alli in Canada. Just starting to use Controlex and I have already lost 5 pounds…. You really have to watch what you eat and exercise…

  11. i have tried it and lost 9 pounds the first week. nothing is a miracle drug you do have to eat right and exercise. if u are going to eat junk food and restaurants and fast foods it wont work. if you are a lazy type looking for miracle go have the fat cut off. if you followed the ones it doesnt work for i feel you would see they kept eating the same way that made them fat. rate 5

  12. i just started taking it 3 weeks ago. and im lost 7 pounds. you cant take it and expect it to work if ur lazy u still need to eat right and excerise 4 times a week is good.

  13. Controlex is an waste of time and money in my opinion, I wasted several months using it with hardly anything to report in terms of weight loss or appetite suppression.

    With no disrespect to WalMart they are hardly renowned for their propensity to stock quality products. Cheap is the order of the day.

    The product that worked and still does for me is Phen375.

  14. I purchased the Controlex and really enjoyed the product. I received a $20.00 coupon and when I gave it to the cashier she said that she could not use it. Why did you put the coupon in the packaging if it is a false coupon?

  15. Dianne – you do realise this is a review website and so not responsible for the product, packaging or effect and not connected to Wal Mart.

    Probably best if you take this issue up the manufacturers and/or Wal mart

  16. i lost 3 lbs in a week of this, i havent dont as much working out as i think i should be but i have been eating well and doing cardio the most but i will for sure be doing more it has made me less hungry so im thinking its working just slowly