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Advanced Genetics F-10 Canada

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Advanced Genetics F-10 Review

Advanced Genetics F10 is a fat shedding thermogenic from the reputable Nova Scotia company. It claims to boost fat loss on the stomach by 298%, enhance your resting metabolism by 11%, quell your cravings and appetite, bolster cAMP and thermogenesis, optimize the functioning of your thyroid and improve your focus and energy.

Advanced Genetics F10 Ingredients

The primary ingredients of this product are: 940mg of the F10 Fat Incinerator Formula, 500mg of Quercetin, 300mg of Green Tea, 275mg of Caffeine, 100mg of N-Methyl-Beta-Phenylethylamine, 100mg of Raspberry Ketone, 100mg of Hordenine HCL, 50mg of Sweet Red Pepper Extract and 25mg of Coleus Forskohlli (10%). According to the manufacturer, and some online customer reviews, these ingredients represent an ideal combination for a thermogenic weight loss supplement.

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Product Information and Dosage

The packaging of this product is attractive. It has yellow and black colours on the logo with a hint of blue, which shows it off quite nicely. Plenty of details about the supplement are provided on both the carton and on the bottle of pills. Should you require any further details, you can visit the manufacturer’s website that they also list on the packaging.

Feedback about this supplement from customers on the web, suggests that it is best to take F10 straight away when you wake up on a morning (two capsules), and then take it again at around 16:00 (two capsules). Most users say that this dosage worked out well for them. The size of the pills are average when compared to most other supplements, which is positive. After digesting the pills, you will not encounter the unpleasant after taste in your mouth that you get with many other supplement capsules.

Advanced Genetics F10 Side-effects

Consuming a thermogenic 1st thing on a morning can normally lead to shaking, headaches and even an upset stomach. However, this product does not produce these effects, and you will be able to wake up and begin your day feeling fine. Even after you eat breakfast and have a solid workout, you will still feel full of energy and have no shakes or headaches.

Advanced Genetics F10 Customer Results

During a month’s trial, customers have said that F10 helped them to lose ten pounds of fat whilst still working on training to gain muscle. Most users say that the product has enabled them to stay concentrated on their goals and given them the ability to exercise more intensely, which made a difference.

Advanced Genetics F10 Summary

Advanced Genetics F10 looks to be a  reasonable supplement for most people. It seems to largely deliver on its’ claims and has given many users the results they wanted. Some customers have also said that stacking this product with Advanced Genetics Nitric Impact produces a really effective workout.

For anyone looking for a thermogenic weight loss supplement which will keep you full of energy and not cause any sickness, this supplement will suit you. You can either visit the manufacturer’s website or purchase the product from a GNC shop.

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