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Physio Burn Review

GNC GenetixHD Physio-Burn is presented as a new innovation that will help you get the ripped physique you always desired.

It is designed to work on the signals from fat cells which influence your  energy balance, satiety and metabolic rate and stimulate the metabolism of fatty acid. It does this using Trisynex and CLA, which are scientifically proven ingredients that promote a healthy body.

Physio-Burn is said to meet your body’s requirements by using particular metabolic pathways to bolster metabolism and work towards obtaining a sculpted, lean and fit physique. This supplement also does not contain stimulants, so it is mostly safe for use.

How Does GNC GenetixHD Physio-Burn Work?

GenetixHD Physio Burn is comprised of multiple components which work together to help you obtain the toned and tight body you always dreamed of. Firstly, there is Trisynex, an endo-modulating compound mixture consisting of fatty acid and modified cellulose. This is proven to be effective at enhancing body composition, as well as affecting primary markers such as adiponectin & leptin (both hormones that fat cells release), to influence energy levels and fat metabolism.

Secondly, there is CLA, a clinically proven component which operates by bolstering lean muscle mass metabolism and improving the overall composition of the body. Finally, there is the stimulant free extract of green tea which provides the body with a healthy boost to its’ metabolism without giving you the jitters. These 3 components are meant to work well together, but you could quicken results by adhering to the prescribed exercise and diet regime especially designed for GNC GenetixHD Physio-Burn.

Dosage and Precautions

  • Physio-Burn is to be consumed once each day, one pack at-a-time. For optimum results, 2 packs should be consumed daily, along with your 2 biggest meals.
  • This product should only be used by adults.
  • Should you be nursing or pregnant, do not consume this weight loss supplement.
  • Should you be on a course of prescribed medication, ask your doctor before taking this product to circumvent any nasty complications.

Customer Feedback

Online feedback about Physio-Burn from customers varies. Some say that, although the supplement was easy to use and provided an energy boost, it was more effective for maintaining weight rather than for weight loss. One reviewer states that, while the supplement helped him to shed 4 pounds, his face also broke out in a severe case of acne, which cleared up once he stopped taking the product.


GenetixHD Physio-Burn has obviously worked for some people, although the results appear quite inconsistent. It does contain CLA, which is a proven component, but it may be more effective just to use this on its’ own, because it is not clear exactly how well the rest of the pills work.

Different bodies can react differently to the same product, and the side-effects some people have reported reflect this. As a diuretic, this supplement might significantly lower your blood pressure, so it is probably best suited for short-term use only.

Where To Buy Physio Burn In Canada

Either in store or via the GNC website.

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