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Xtreme Lean Diet Pill Review

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Xtreme Lean Review

It is difficult to know which category to place to Xtreme Lean into – according to the marketing literature it can burn fat, suppress appetite, normalize stress and regulate blood sugar levels.

The problem that is typical with almost all multi-facted (or multi-purpose) diet pills is that they do not particularly do anyone process well. Sadly, Xtreme Lean is no exception.

There are 8 ingredients included within the formula – separately there is clinical evidence surrounding a majority of them.

Citrus Aurantium Extract, Green Tea, Yerba Mate Extract and Hoodia Gordonii all have been subject to scientific study and many positive documents have been published.

All the above ingredients are better served in an undiluted state without the inclusion of anything else.

Does Xtreme Lean Cause Side Effects

Should not cause anything major although some users may experience symptoms such as headache, increased heart rate and insomnia – these are typical symptoms of products that effect the metabolism (fat burners)

Xtreme Lean Positives

  • Includes some powerful clinically proven ingredients
  • Available over the counter

Xtreme Lean Negatives

  • Too many ingredients that dilutes the potential
  • No mention of a guarantee

Is Xtreme Lean Recommended

Difficult to recommended when there are several other products available that offer a more compelling argument.

Where To Buy Xtreme Lean Canada

Can be purchased in store from the likes of: Real Canadian Superstore, Save On Foods, and Loblaws.

Can also purchased at a discounted price from online Canadian specialist

Alternative Diet Pills

If a fat burner is your preference, Phen375 is a high strength Phentermine alternative that is produced using potent, pharmacy grade ingredients.

Phen375 can suppress appetite and aid the fat burning process and is available to buy direct from the manufacturer

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Xtreme Lean Diet Pill Review2admin2010-03-18 19:04:52Xtreme Lean with South African Hoodia review, the diet pill that can suppress appetite and burn fat, does it really work, the side effects and where to buy


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  1. Dawn says:
    March 27th, 2011 at 3:07 pm

    Dont bother absolutely useless.

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