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Natural remedy to help with the pain of arthritis

There are many people who suffer with arthritis.  A lot of people would just imagine that this is something that is restricted to older people.  Unfortunately, however, this is not the case: children, young adults and even pregnant women can suffer with arthritis.

If you are unfortunately one of the millions who suffer from sort/stiff joints and arthritis, then you will have found that unfortunately the help can be limited.

At best you will be given pain killers and anti-inflammatories that sometimes can only offer a short term relief from the pain.  You can also be offered physiotherapy to help ease the stiff joints.

Unfortunately, some pain killers and anti-inflammatories can come with side effects and can produce problems of their own.  These problems can be in the form of ulcers, stomach bleeding, palpitations, skipping heart beats and higher blood pressure.  This of course is the last thing that people want in addition to their initial suffering.

“87.6% of clients questioned have received up to a 90% reduction in arthritis pain relief.”

There is, however, a product on the market that can assist with the pain that is made from natural ingredients.  This product is called Provailen.

What is Provailen?

Provailen is a unique arthritis pain relief remedy. Provailen consists of herbal ingredients that are specific to treat arthritis.  The ingredients individually have been used to deal with joint related disorders for years.  Combining the ingredients together in one capsule therefore makes Provailen a completely unique and effective product.

What are the ingredients in Provailen?

The ingredients in Provailen are natural herbal ingredients being Reishi Mushroom, Tongkat Ali and Capsaicin.

Ganoderma (Reishi Mushroom) Extract is known in the Chinese community as a “miracle Plant” that may cure many different illnesses.

The Reishi Mushroom is a powerful anti-inflammatory. A lot of the pain experienced by arthritis is primarily caused by inflammation around the affected joint.   The Reishi Mushroom quickly reduces the inflammation and therefore eases the pain.

The Reishi Mushroom can also help balance your immune system which is particularly beneficial where the inflammation of the joints means that you immune system “attacks” your joints.  The balancing effect of the Reishi Mushroom helps to bring your immune system under control and reduces the attack on your joints.

Tongkat Ali is known to increase the production of natural testosterone, as well as elevate physical strength. Tongkat Ali is used by bodybuilders to build muscle and muscle strength. Using the benefit of this ingredient is particularly important when combating arthritis as the increased muscle helps to reduce pain and helps to prevent the progression of Arthritis and joint pain.

Tongkat Ali is also indirectly accountable for elevated muscle tissue. Many bodybuilders frequently take advantage from it to assist them to achieve bigger muscles.

Tongkat Ali also helps in treating arthritis by balancing the body’s hormones to prevent them being vulnerable against deterioration.

Capsaicin is mainly used as a topical management of pain associated with arthritis and muscle strains and features quite as an ingredient is some over the counter creams. Capsaicin can be also be used to treat nerve pain from conditions such as shingles and diabetic neuropathy.

Capsaicin in oral form can also be used to treat heartburn. Capsaicin is a natural pain reliever as well as an anti-inflammation.

Capsaicin is a natural pain killer and mood enhancer. It releases a hormone in your body which elevates your mood while simultaneously reducing pain.

It also increases blood circulation to the tiny capillaries in your joints which allows a deeper penetration of the Reishi Mushroom and Tongkat Ali.

What are the benefits of Provailen?

  • All natural ingredients
  • Provides arthritis relief and joint pain
  • works alone or in harmony with prescription anti-inflammatories
  • Relieve aching and painful joints
  • Boosts immune system
  • Natural antihistamine
  • Help relieve anxiety and insomnia
  • Increases muscle building hormones


Even though arthritis is such a complex disease, Provailen can addresses the problem of joint inflammation and pain relief concurrently due to the combination of the 3 powerful natural ingredients.  Provailen can relieve pain without the unwanted effects of prescription medications.

Provailen is a purely nutritional supplement made up of organic herbal treatments vitamins and minerals.

You are also able to still use Provailen along with other prescription medicines due to the fact that the ingredients are all natural.

If your usual medications and remedies are therefore not providing you with enough pain relief, Provailen is definitely a product that is worth trying. 

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