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Hydroxycut Pure Premium Hoodia Canada

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Hydroxycut Pure Premium Hoodia Review

Hydroxycut as a brand is arguably North America’s best selling diet pill brand. There are several products in the current range.

Hydroxycut Pure Premium Hoodia as the name suggests is based on the natural ingredient Hoodia Gordonii.

Hoodia is a natural appetite suppressant that can stop the feeling of hunger and reduce the need to snack between meals.

Suppressing appetite is generally considered to be the most effective way to cut down on the number of calories consumed each day.

The biggest concern for this particular diet pill is it is unknown if the Hoodia content is the powdered variety or extract.

Hoodia powder is highly effective at suppressing appetite, whereas the Hoodia extract is produced from the whole plant isn’t.

For this reason Hydroxycut Pure Premium Hoodia can be easily overlooked in favour if something else.

Pure Premium Hoodia Side Effects

Should not cause any adverse reaction if used as suggested.

Hydroxycut Update

Hydroxycut has a less than glorious past with many long standing products being recalled by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) in May 2009.

Pure Premium Hoodia is still available to buy an was not effected by the recall. The following products are no longer available to buy in Canada.

List Of Banned Hydroxycut Diet Pills – click here

Where to Buy Hydroxycut Pure Premium Hoodia

Can be purchased in many leading pharmacies in Canada as well at a discounted price from

Other Diet Pills To Consider

The product that appears to very much in demand in not just Canada but North America as a whole is Phen375.

A pharmacy grade appetite suppressant and fat burner made in FDA approved facilities but available to buy with restriction or prescription.

Phen375 is direct only product.

More about Phen375

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