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GNC Water Pill

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GNC Water Pill Review

Urinary tract infections are quite a common occurrence, particularly for women. The risk of an infection in your urinary tract is bigger whenever your urethra or bladder gets blocked, and your urine flow is reduced. This can often happen if you suffer from bladder stones or from an enlarged prostate.

The GNC Water Pill is advertised as a traditional herbal medication which will help to boost the production of urine. Adults are meant to take four capsules no more than three times each day, or as advised by a healthcare professional. Each product container has twelve servings in it (i.e. forty-eight capsules). The capsules can also be dissolved into scolding h2o as a tea.

GNC Water Pill Ingredients

Each serving of the GNC Water Pills contain 50 mg of Arctostaphylos uva-ursi leaf (Uva Ursi). This is from an extract of 4:1, tantamount to 200mg of powdered leaf extract. It also contains Barosma betulina (Buchu Leaf). This is from an extract of 4:1, tantamount to 100mg of powdered leaf extract. Additional ingredients include calcium sulfate, gelatin, vegetable magnesium stearate, maltodextrin and silica.

Uva ursi has long been used to treat urinary problems in both Europe and America. Before sulfa anti-biotics were developed, the main active component in it, arbutin, was often prescribed as a urinary anti-septic. Buchu is utilized for disinfecting the urinary tract whenever infections of the urethra, bladder, kidneys or prostate occur. It is believed that the chemicals which are active in buchu might eliminate germs and also encourage the flow of urine. Also, magnesium stearate has been approved by the FDA, and has many applications in the Pharmaceutical industry.

This product is meant to be kept somewhere that is dry and cool and should be stored well out of the reach of anyone under 18 years of age. It does not contain any lactose, wheat, soy, sugar, salt, yeast or gluten. Nor does it contain any artificial flavours or colouring.

GNC Water Pill Precautions for Usage

Potential customers of this product are warned not to take it if they are breast-feeding, pregnant, or if they have any kidney problems. Also, if customers suffer from any underlying medical conditions that require continuous treatment for over five days, they are meant to speak with a healthcare professional before starting to take this product.

 GNC Water Pill Conclusion

There is very little information about this product online, aside from the basic details provided on the GNC website. No reports from customers are evident, so it is unclear whether these pills actually deliver on what they promise.

The product is quite reasonably priced at $12.49 per container though, and the manufacturers offer a special deal where, if you buy one container, you can get a second for half price. The two main¬† ingredients have also been successfully used in other medications. GNC is the biggest company of its’ type and they do have a good reputation. So, in all likelihood, you would probably have little to lose by giving this product a try.


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