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Can I Buy Liporexall In Canada

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Liporexall Review Canada

Among the countless weight loss supplements on the market today, you might notice a product named Liporexall. Liporexall is a dietary supplement which arrives in the form of capsules, and is said to help dieters lose weight permanently.

The main website states that you could lose as much as 300% more body fat by taking Liporexall. While this supplement is claimed to be scientifically tested, it is not approved by the FDA. Regrettably, the official site does not offer any details about the background of the company.

Liporexall  Ingredients

Liporexall capsules contain 9 patented ingredients for fat loss. These ingredients are Chrome-mate (which helps control levels of blood sugar), Super CitriMax (which quells appetite and burns calories), Infinergy Dicaffeine Malate, Tonalin, Advantra Z (which stimulates fat burning), C.L.A. (which burns stomach fat), PinnoThin (which quells hunger cravings), NeOpuntia (a fat binder), Phase 2 (which blocks carbs), 7 Keto (which increases energy and bolsters metabolism), and Bio-Perine (which helps the metabolic rate or core/internal heat).

These ingredients are included in a “proprietary” mixture which is a useless practice. None of these ingredients are present in high enough doses to make any positive impact on weight loss. What dieters want is a single, primary ingredient present in the correct dosage and not lots of varied ingredients.

Liporexall Benefits

Liporexall is a store bought (over the counter) dietary supplement which is supposed to be consumed each day to help with fat loss. Similar to lots of other products on the market today, this formula is meant to be taken alongside a healthy meal plan and regular exercise. A bottle of Liporexall is available on the official site for $99.95.

The primary website states that this dietary pill does not work for a minimum of 2% of dieters. However, it does have a 100% refund guarantee. No “before” & “after” photos, or customer testimonials, are shown on the website. Nonetheless, an email address and contact telephone number are offered to help customers.

Liporexall Pros

  • Liporexall has a 100% refund guarantee.
  • All the main ingredients in Liporexall are disclosed on the primary website.

Liporexall Cons

  • No details are provided about the manufacturer.
  • Some people might encounter allergic reactions to particular ingredients in the product.
  • The price is excessive at $100.00 per bottle.
  • While it is said to be scientifically proven, the trial results are not displayed upon the official site.
  • No customer testimonials are shown to give this weight loss product credibility.


Overall it is advertised in a manner similar to lots of other dietary supplements. There are many promises made about weight loss, but hardly any information is given about the manufacturer’s themselves, or even where the supplement is made. The mixture of ingredients will not make a huge difference to dieters, because each ingredient is not present in the necessary doses, and it is not clear if the formula produces any common side-effects. It is best to speak to a doctor prior to taking a supplement.

Where To Buy Liporexall In Canada

There is no offline stockist in Canada – appears to be exclusive to the official online store.

Alternative Diet Pills To Buy

Phen375 – A pharmacy grade fat burner that can be purchased without prescription.

Phen375 can also help to suppress appetite and has claimed it can help you lose an average of 10lbs within 2 weeks – 25lbs over 6 weeks.

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