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GNC Total Lean Weight Loss System

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GNC Total Lean Weight Loss System Vitapak Review

The GNC Total Lean Weight Loss System from Vitapak is said to be a fast method of jump-starting your diet, which encompasses four different elements. Firstly, a Daily Dieting Pack to assist you with burning greater calories, increasing energy and supporting h2o balance. Secondly, a Pre Diet Cleanser for purification and for gently ridding the body of poisons. Thirdly, Lean Shake, which is a food replacement shown to be effective for losing weight. And fourthly, an extensive exercise and meal program.

This seven day weight loss kit has apparently been clinically designed to include premium supplements. When taken in conjunction with a weight maintenance or weight loss program, it claims to help you obtain the body of your dreams.

How Does GNC Total Lean Weight Loss Work

GNC offer a 3 step plan which is said to be everything you require to start any weight maintenance or weight loss regimen:

Step 1: The Lean Shake formula allegedly includes the optimum balance of good quality proteins, minerals, fat and vitamins. You simply replace a snack or meal twice each day with this tasty shake. This oat-based formula is also said to promote normal healthy levels of cholesterol, lean muscle tissue and a healthy metabolic rate. It offers a blend rich in fibre which boosts your sense of satiety, so you consume less and wait longer in-between meals.

Step 2: The Daily Diet Pack contains 2 Burn 60 tablets, 2 Waterex capsules & 1 capsule of Green Tea Complex. Burn 60 uses 180mg of caffeine and is believed to be a potent thermogenic formula, scientifically proven to boost calorie burning by as much as sixty percent, for up to 1 hour following a workout. Apparently, Waterex is clinically developed to help you support and sustain h2o balance. Also, it contains vitamin B6 with a proprietary mix of antioxidant rich fruit and herbs. Green Tea Complex includes 125mg of EGCG which is meant to help maintain the metabolism and burn increased calories. Extract of Green Tea has polyphenols in it, which promote antioxidant activity within your body.

Step 3: The Pre Diet Cleansing formula has a blend of fibre, a blend of fruit and vegetables, along with a cleansing blend to eradicate toxins, nourish the body and make you feel good. Every cleansing shot offers five grams of natural fibre. These gradually get rid of the toxins from the body which have appeared from bad eating habits and stress.

GNC Total Lean Weight Loss Advantages:

  • User-friendly
  • Quells hunger cravings
  • Bolsters energy

GNC Total Lean Weight Loss Disadvantages:

  • Inconsistent results reported
  • Can cause side-effects
  • Texture could be improved

GNC Total Lean Weight Loss Verdict

Based on the customer reviews online, it looks as if this product will give you more energy and make you feel better during your diet. While the reported weight loss results are not spectacular, the GNC formula does seem to help people start their diets and reduce any hunger cravings they may encounter along the way.

Recommended Alternatives

There are several possible recommendations in place of Total Lean.

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