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Avesil Review

Avesil is typically a US targeted diet pill that now appears to be lengthening its marketing reach and starting to be discussed in Canada.

The official website appears to have evolved and is now devoid of any real information. No pricing information is offered until you have given at least a name and an email address

It is an counter commercial diet pill that contains a key ingredient called Citrimax (AKA garcinia cambogia).

There are also 3 other natural substances included in the formula such as green tea extract, chromium and caffeine.

This combination is advertised as having a multi action, it is supposed help to suppress your appetite, raise metabolic rate and burn excess body fat.

Avesil Side Effects

Although the product is derived from natural substances there are several side effects that have been associated with its use ranging from: headache to insomnia to anxiety.

Pregnant or nursing mothers are advised to not use.

Does Avesil Work

The supposed clinical evidence looks shaky to put it mildly. Real life customer testimonials are few and far between. The ingredient list does not inspire confidence. Just three point that should underline that Avesil is not a diet pill to pin your weight loss hopes to.

Where To Buy Avesil In Canada

Available to buy from the official website. There is is not Canadian presence, Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart do not stock.

Alternative Diet Pills

There are several products available to Canadians that have a proven level of success.

To find out which commercial and over the counter diet pills are proving popular Read Most Popular Diet In Canada

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