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Ab Cuts Canada Review

Ab Cuts (or Abdominal Cuts give it its proper and full brand name) is the diet pill that is being heavily publicized in the media with Jenni Farley alias Jwoww from MTV’s Jersey Shore unashamedly leading the charge.

Ab Cuts is the fat burner that looks almost accessory-like and is helping to make diet pills cool whether this is a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen.

Jwoww is not the first celebrity to be associated with Ab Cuts, Kendra Wilkinson is/was also an advocate.

What Is Ab Cuts

Ab Cuts is a gel capsule containing a thermogenic fat burning compound that is targeted towards burning excess calories.

Of the included ingredients the two most interesting are CLA and Sesamin.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a natural fatty acid that is commonly found in small quantities in meat and dairy produce.

CLA has had limited clinical clinical trails performed on it and its fat burning ability is still under question.

Sesamin is the oil of the sesame plant. This is also is devoid of any real scientific proof.

Sesamin can help build lean muscle mass, burn fat and aid athletic performance.

Ab Cuts Side Effects

To date there has been no reported cases of any severe treatment effects.

As a precautionary measure it is highly advised for pregnant or nursing mothers to refrain from using.

Where To Buy Ab Cuts In Canada

Ab Cuts is rarely found in Canadian pharmacies – the most likely stockists are found on the internet. Pharmaprix, Shoppers Drugs Mart, Wal Mart and Jean Coutu are unlikely to stock

Is Ab Cuts Recommended

Once the celebrity association is stripped away there is not much left to make Ab Cuts a diet pill to invest time and money into.

Other Diet Pills To Consider

Phen375 does not use a token celebrity as part of its marketing material

Phen375 is a Phentermine alternative that is manufactured in FDA approved facilities using pharmacy grade ingredients.

The difference between products such as Ab Cuts and Phen375 is truly stratospheric.

More about Phen375


Buy Ab Cuts Canada2admin22011-03-27 23:24:11Ab Cuts the fat burner promoted by Jersey Shore MTV star Jwoww. Does Ab Cuts Abdominal Cuts work, side effects and where to to buy In Canada


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